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Like a butterfly, we'll help your business flourish!!!™

    (Bookkeeping and Administrative Services)

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(Bookkeeping and Administrative Services)

Following her passion for bookkeeping and administrative service, Marie Tate established Tate Enterprise, LLC on January 16, 2004. Marie received her initial training during her ten-year tour as an administrator in the U. S. Navy.  She began her civilian career as an accounting technician in the Marine Corps Junior ROTC Division and then advanced as a budget analyst in the Comptroller Division for the 6th Marine Corps District on Paris Island, SC where she served for seven years.  She earned her Accounting Certificate and Associate Degree in Business from the Technical College of the Lowcountry. She is licensed by the SC Real Estate Commission as a Property Manager in Charge (PMIC). Today, Marie continues her education taking online courses on the latest innovations in her field. She is a graduate of the Beaufort County Senior Leadership Program, Class 2014 and is active in her community. She volunteers and supports local and international organizations that are close to her heart.

​​                                                              - Would you rather do what you love and not paperwork?

                                                      - Is your office cluttered?

                                                      - Do you go to your accountant with a shoe box full of receipts?

                                                      - Do you need programs, letters or flyers typed emailed, faxed or mailed?

                                                      - Do you need files made and labeled?

                                                      - Do you pay late fees because of misplaced bills?

                                                      - Do you need your commercial or rental property managed?

                                                      - Do you need documents notarized?

If you answered yes to the questions above, we can help. 

Our bookkeeping and administrative services company is here to help you and your business grow. If you want to start a business and don't know the steps you'll need to reach that goal and make your dreams of entrepreneurship come true, call us.  Our motto is "Like a butterfly, we'll help your business flourish!!!™".

Ms. Tate is a ten year Naval Veteran and has worked as an administrator while in the Navy. As a civil servant, she worked as a budget analyst aboard Parris Island, SC.  She is a member in good standing of: